The Pond


I thought I would show you all a few different views of our pond.  You have seen this view many times.


I took this picture from the tractor road looking toward the house.


We had a little wind yesterday, so I thought I would show you the waves on the pond.  So relaxing.

Today has been very nice here.  Our temperature is mid 60’s with a slight breeze.  We did school and worked on some more apple juice.  Not a lot going on.  Jess had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  All is going along nicely.  She has to go back Monday(if not before!)  Please continue to pray for her and Katie.  Your prayers are so appreciated. 

It is getting time for me to start supper.  Tonight we will be having canned beef with noodles, green beans, corn and pone bread.  Dessert will be fresh made applesauce.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. I was just thinking about your daughter today and wondered how she was doing. The countdown till baby time is always the longest, huh? So excited for you family! Loved the pictures! So beautiful!
    Cary Ann


  2. You have a wonderful pond around you. I love the different views. I really like the one with the waves. It almost looks like something yellow is just under the surface.

    I am glad that Jessica’s appointment went well. I have been praying for her and Katie.

    What is pone bread? My family will call my cornbread corn pone. Is it the same thing?

    Have a wonderful evening with your family. Your supper sounds delicious.



  3. Thank you for the prayers everyone. Yes, we are very excited for her to (finally) get here. I am 38 1/2 wks so she can make her arrival at any time 🙂

    Ps. Y’all may wat to pray for Mom too because she’s the one going to the hospital with me this time and David is staying with the boys !


  4. The pond pictures are beautiful! I was wondering about Baby Katie yesterday. Praying for a safe and quick arrival. 🙂 I can’t wait until school is finished so I can catch up on blogs and make a post!


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