Christfest 2011


Every year our church has a halloween alternative. We call it Christfest. It is a big outreach. Lots of children come to play games and get candy. Last night was no different. Our fellowship hall was overflowing with children and adults, laughing and just in general having a great time. This little lion (Kaleb) is adorable.


Chocolate candy is always abundant. As a matter of fact, in the bulletin when we are requesting donations of candy, it actually specifies individually wrapped chocolate.


This young man was just a doctor, then he got the glasses at one of the games, and instantly became a mad scientist.


Everyone participates. From clowns,


to hunters,


to fun loving,


to one needing a small nap. Our pastor (regrettably I did not get any pictures) asked the children bible questions. If they answered correctly they got to throw a whipped creme pie at him. I’m not sure who had the most fun with this game, him or them. It actually was his idea-go figure. And last of all, my baby girls. No longer babies, except to me.


Enjoy your day and God bless.



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5 thoughts on “Christfest 2011

  1. So sorry we missed you! 🙁 Not sure what got into my guys wanting to run around like mad men begging for candy. 🙂 We had to trick or treat Floyd after we came by the church! Looks like so much fun and so warm too. Julie and Grace look great. The kids wanted to see them badly.

  2. That looked like such fun! I think it was great your church had something for the family to all do! There is just *something* adorable about litttle ones who are so sleepy..and that was one ADORABLE little lion *smile*. Your girls are such beautiful young ladies. Hope you have a great week.
    Cary Ann

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