Okay, ladies, I need your opinion on this.  You all may remember that I have been selling homemade laundry soap at the Bread Basket here in Floyd.  The laundry soap is lavender scented.  Well, I have been thinking about putting homemade lavender fabric softener with it for sale.  What do you all think about this as a container for the fabric softener?  I have been trying to think of a container that I could easily recycle.   The less expense I have in the container the more my profit.  This would be concentrated.  The customer would need to add 3 cups water to it and it will yield 10 loads of laundry, the same amount as the laundry soap I sell.  I have put these instructions on the card. 


This is a picture of the laundry soap.  I got this idea from Mrs. Faye at http://theblessedhearth.blogspot.com/  So how do you all think they will look together? 

Please let me know your honest opinion.  Do you think this looks good or does it just look stupid?  I so appreciate your help on this.  Thanks again and God bless.

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  1. I like the idea. My question is this. If they have to add the 3 cups of water, will it still fit in this container? If there isn’t enough room, that might be a drawback for me.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.



  2. Hello Donna.. Thanks for linking to my blog.. You are always so sweet..
    Now, you wanted an honest opinion.. eh?
    Here is mine.. I was thinking that the bottle is a perfect container to use to hold your softener but it really does not look great.. So.. I thought of what I would do and came up with this .. Just an idea for you but someone else will no doubt have a better one..
    But I went and tried this and I think it looks ok..

    Put your bottle into a lunch bag like your detergent
    but gather the bag up tight around the cover and tie with the grocery string or whatever and tie on the tag with the instructions…
    You may need to cut an inch or so off the bag so you can see the bottle top… or not.. smile..
    Just an idea….


  3. hmmm…I don’t know. I see where you’re coming from wanting to use something you can recycle. Okay..here’s what I’m a thinking…I would hide more of the bottle. Maybe a wider wrap ?? What color is your liquid? I bet we’d get a different view if we see the bottle w/ liguid in it beside your bag. But over all I like your idea of the water bottle..it’s not stupid at all ! I’m NOT a crafty person so my opinion is not a very good one. I bet Mrs. Faye can tell you more. I love her blog and she’s super crafty. I’m gonna check back and see what the others are thinking.
    Cary Ann


  4. I am laughing at the “or does it just look stupid part”:) I don’t think it looks stupid at all! I do like Faye’s idea about putting it inside a lunch bag to match the detergent bag, but I got no ideas of my own. 🙂 I will call you in the morning.


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