Our first eagle spotting of the year.  So exciting!  We think they must travel through here every year.  They are so pretty.  I remember the first year we lived here.  The girls were very young.  We were sitting outside talking about the different birds we had saw that day.  One of the girls said “Oh, Mommy, I wish we could see an eagle”.   I remember thinking that would really be something to see an eagle in the wild.  Then that fall we saw them.  We  were SOOOO excited and we still get excited every year when they come through. 

My Grace is sick with strep throat.  Yesterday we went to the doctor and got antibiotics.  Today has been a pretty rough day for her.  We are praying that by tomorrow she will start to feel better.  She is sitting in her favorite chair enjoying a new book she just got with her birthday money. 

Hubby has been busy this morning working on the brakes on the van.  He was having trouble with them but thinks he has gotten the problem fixed.  I am so thankful he is able to work on our vehicles himself.   Hubby and I will be going up on the hill later to cut a load of wood.  Then he wants to work on Jess and Dave’s bed.   He wants to work on the stain color to make sure he has it just right.  Then it will be time to stain and poly.  YEAH.  I can’t wait to show you ladies how it looks.  It looks beautiful! 

Well, I have lots to get done so I better get busy.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

6 thoughts on “Eagle

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  1. We always love to see the beautiful eagles in the wild. They live at the lakes and rivers around here.
    Oh poor Grace! I hope she gets better soon!
    Did you ever decide about your liguid softner?
    I bet the bed is gonna be just beautiful! I can’t wait to see it!
    I hope you all have a great weekend 🙂
    Many Blessings,
    Cary ann
    P.S..I’m making your bread today (for the 3rd time this week..lol..can you tell we love it smile


  2. Hi Donna.. Loved the pic of the eagle.. I get so excited when we see them here, too..
    Praying Grace will soon be better.. Hope she enjoys her book.. Shonda still gets that a lot…
    I can’t wait to see the bed.. What we have seen was beautiful..
    God bless..


  3. What a great picture. Harold thought he saw an eagle this morning while we were traveling.

    I hope that Grace feels better soon. That isn’t fun to deal with. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the bed. Isn’t it great to have a handy husband?

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.



  4. Thank you for your prayers! It’s been a rough week around here. I pray that your Grace is feeling better today.

    That eagle is beautiful. How blessed you are to be able to see one so close to your home.

    Have a great weekend in THE LORD!

    Matthew 6:33


  5. Praying that Grace is feeling better soon. I can’t wait to see the pics of the bed. It certainly is a blessing that you can fix your own vehicles. I hope the brakes are fixed soon. The eagle is beautiful.



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