We have snow here in Floyd.  The girls are very happy.   It was not a lot of snow but hopefully enough for snow cream later today. 


I worked on aprons most of the day yesterday.  I made 4 little aprons and 2 adult size.  I made the adult one a little different and was able to get one child size and one adult size from one pillowcase.  



I made the back much shorter.  It just comes over the shoulder and that gave me enough extra material for the small waist apron. 


This one has a child one to match.  I didn’t take a picture of it because I didn’t get it completely finished yesterday.  I ran out of the white binding.


I was prowling around in the trunk where we store extra material the other day and found this veggie tales material.  There was not a lot of it but enough to make these two little aprons.  I think they are very cute.    Anyway, that was my day yesterday.  I wanted to make a few different styles of aprons to kinda get an idea for what sells the best. 

I cooked a deer roast on the wood stove yesterday for supper.  We had baked potatoes,  home canned green beans, fresh homemade rolls and home canned applesauce for supper.  It was very good.  I think today I will shred the deer roast and have deer bbq and fries.  I already have buns baking as I type this.  I made a buttermilk chocolate cake the other day so that will be our dessert.  It all sounds pretty easy.  There was not church today because of the snow so I think today is a take it easy kind of day.  I will leave you all with one more snow picture. 


Enjoy your day and God bless.

7 thoughts on “Snow

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  1. Jealous jealous jealous! I LOVE LOVE snow cream! We could eat it till were sick…that what happens when you only see snow once a 🙂 Eat a BIG bowl for me 🙂 Have you heard from Vicki? I hope she is feeling better.
    Love your aprons! The veggie tale ones are so cute! That would be good for a boy or a girl. I do hope you can sell a bunch of them!
    Hope you have a great week and enjoy all that snow 🙂
    Cary Ann


  2. Beautiful snow pictures. You have been busy with the aprons. They are all so cute.

    Your meals sound really good. Have a wonderful evening with your family.



  3. Hmm, snow cream! It has been a few years since I have made any. If we can get more then 1/2 an inch of the white stuff I’ll have to make some. Megan would love it!

    Enjoy your evening!


  4. The aprons are all so pretty! I love the Veggie Tales ones. I miss those days! I am going to slowly start catching up on blogs. I swore I wasn’t getting back on the computer until I done something about my headaches!!


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