Old Things


I am a keeper of old things.    This canister set belonged to my mom.   It is the only set I can remember her owning.  I love them.  When I open the lid to get flour, sugar, or whatever I am getting, it gives me much pleasure  to know she used it before me.  I have my mom’s cast iron skillet, my grandmother’s bread bowl and many more things that have been handed down.  They don’t have to have belonged in the family.  I just like old things.  I am always on the lookout at thrift stores or yard sales for things with character (older). 

Today has been windy and fairly chilly here in Floyd.  Without the wind, it would have been kinda nice.  We have sunshine and that is always good.  We did school as usual.  I did two loads of laundry.  One is drying on the front porch.  I don’t like to hang clothes on the line when we have a fire.  It always makes the clothes smell like smoke.  The other load I will put on the drying rack tonight and it will be dry in the morning.  I really enjoy using it. 

Time for me to get busy cooking supper.  We are trying a new recipe tonight.  I’ll let you all know if it is a keeper.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

5 thoughts on “Old Things

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  1. I like your canister set. I also like old things. We have a lot of them in our house. They do have character.

    Have a wonderful day with your family and stay warm.



  2. Oh ME TOO!! I love old things with character. They call to me grin when I’m out thrifting or at antique shops. For some reason I’ve gotten addicted to old dishes. I can’t seem to help myself..even if it’s just a loner sitting on the thrift store shelf..I MUST have it..lol. Can one have to many dishes??? My hubby seems to think so grin.
    I adore your canister set! Isn’t it funny how times have changed since those where made. You wouldn’t go to some fancy shop now and find one of the canisters marked “grease” smile. Do you store your bacon grease in your’s ? Can you tell I’m chatty today??
    Have a great one 🙂
    Cary Ann


  3. I adore old kitchen items. They are so useful and make me smile! Cannisters, bread bowls, rolling pins, scales, trivets.. most anything old and fun but useful!

    Oh crack me up! Grease! I love it. I remember my grandma having an old silver cannister that she used for grease! It didn’t have grease written on it though. So fun.

    Sorry. I am having a hard time peaking in every day. We are preparing for a move. I was hoping to relax a little after the Christmas holidays but we are moving right along at the same fast pace. ;(


  4. I with you. I love old things also. I really like your canister set. I have many things that belonged to my great grandmother and grandmother. I always think of them when I use or catch a glimpse of those items. I think that’s why I like thrift stores so. I guess that’s why we live in an older house too. I can’t resist the character either. Hope you have a great day.



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