Monday afternoon the rain stopped and the wind really picked up.  The girls finished their outside chores and wanted to stay outside for awhile.  Do you see the two little dots in the distance?   Well, that’s them.   I took  these  this pictures from the house as they were walking the field. 


They are never out without company.  The cats always follow them any time they walk outside.  I zoomed this picture in so you could see them better.


And, of course, Shadow.  He would never dream of allowing them to be out of his sight.  I’m not sure why this picture turned out so dark but you can still see him. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  The girls and I were at Jessica’s.  The temperature at her house was in the 60’s so I know it was probably in the 50’s here.  I love this weather-makes me think about spring.  Today is supposed to be nice too and then rain is in the forecast.  The girls and I are going to the Horn’s today after school.  YEAH!  We are soooo looking forward to it.  Enjoy your day and God bless.


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  1. Those warmer temperatures sound so good. What a fun afternoon you have planned. I hope that Vicki is doing well. I sure have missed her blog posts.

    Have a wonderful day.



  2. I hope Vicki is doing better. I have been missing her posts. I remember when I was a girl. I loved walking in the fields. The weather has been the same here. Unseasonably warm and the rain is moving in for the next couple of days. It gives me spring fever too. Hope you have a great day.



  3. My oldest loves to walk the field too. I never worry no matter how far out of sight he gets when farm dog is with him.
    I had a question for you the other day and thought to myself that I’d write you later that afternoon (it was early morning at the time)…and then later that day..I knew I wanted to ask you a question but forgot completely what the actual question STILL can’t remember..I must be losing it…whatever “it” actually is grin
    Hope you have lots of fun at Vicki’s today.
    Cary ann


  4. The warmer temps and mild weather have given me the itch for spring. I know there is still a way to go so I am trying to be content in this season.

    Taking a walk in the field is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

    Enjoy your day!


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