Hello ladies.  We are finished with our part of the redo.  Here we are getting ready to texture the ceiling.


Hubby does the rolling.


I do the stomping.


The finished ceiling.  There are 11 recessed lights in her kitchen now.  When we started it was pretty dark in her kitchen now it is very bright.


Here we are just starting to put down the floor.  Now I must say, this floor just about did us in.  It took us 2 days on our knees to get it down but it was definitely worth it.


It looks beautiful!  David’s sister will be coming tomorrow to paint the walls.  Jess chose buttercream for the walls.  After the walls are painted, the next step will be to finish taking the doors off the cabinets and stripping off the laminate.  The cabinet doors will have to be sanded.  Then the cabinets themselves will be ready for paint.  Jess has chose black for the cabinet paint.  I will continue to show you all pictures as the process comes along.  I think it will all look really great.

Well, that’s about it for today.  I have lots of catching up to do with everyone.  Enjoy your day and God bless.


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  1. It looks so good. I can imagine how hard that was to do the floor. Harold did our ceilings in the downstairs by hand, on a ladder. It is very intensive work.

    Can’t wait to see more pictures. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.



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