Another Update


It is Tuesday evening and we are home for the night.  The project is getting closer and closer to being finished.  Yesterday, we hung all the walls.  Today we got everything mudded and tomorrow we will sand and texture the ceiling and then the drywall part will be done.  After that, we have a place in front of the sink to fix, possibly replacing the sink and sink cabinet.    Then the new floor will go down.  YEAH! 


And now some pictures of SPRING!  Jessica’s temperatures are much warmer than ours.  Down where she lives, there are many signs of spring.  Her daffodils are just ready to bloom.   On the road down to her house, we see lots and lots of daffodils already blooming.  We are like kids in a candy shop, looking for them, trying to be the first one to spot them. 


The maple tree in her yard is full of buds.


The onion grass is huge.


Dandelions are already starting to bloom.  I thought you all should know that while I’m there its not all work.  There are flowers to enjoy, warmer temperatures and, of course,  GRANDBABIES!  I have a blessed life. 

 Well, I better get busy.  I had hoped to catch up on what’s been happening in everyone else life but it is late and I still have much to get done.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

6 thoughts on “Another Update

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  1. Wow! you all are moving right along on this project.

    I enjoy seeing the signs of spring. Even though the winter has been mild I am still getting spring fever.

    Enjoy your evening!


  2. You have gotten so much done and it looks great! I would love seeing all the flowers. Daffodils are my favorite spring flower. I keep meaning to plant some. I would really have spring fever there. I have resorted to walking just so I won’t plant something. I need the exercise anyway. I did buy some onions at Slaughters to plant. Do you think it is too early?


  3. Looks like the project is coming right along. It looks really good. I know she can’t wait. The blooms are so pretty. I can’t wait for spring. Have a great day.



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