Creeping Phlox


I took this picture of creeping phlox last week in Salem when Grace had her eye appointment.  Lots of things have been springing to life around here this week.  I hope to have pictures to show you later in the week. 

Yesterday was spent outside.  We got the fence posts in the ground for the new chicken lot, picked up the yard, got some mowing done and worked on a flower bed.  Then it was time to get ready for church.  Our church was having a special singing last night.  The group singing was The Hylton’s.  They were 4 generations of them singing praises to the Lord.  The youngest was about 3 and she sang “Jesus Loves Me.”  It was beautiful.  I can just imagine Jesus listening to her sing and saying oh, how I love these little ones. 

Today we have overcast skies with a light drizzle.  The temps have dropped some and the fog is moving in.  I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and God bless.

4 thoughts on “Creeping Phlox

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  1. Beautiful flowers!

    We have been busy getting some things done outside also. The weather has been beautiful and it is hard to let it go to waste.

    Hope your Sunday has been great!


  2. Beautiful flowers! I wish we could get outside and do some work. We actually had snow this morning. It didn’t stick to the ground.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.



  3. I’m so glad that church went well yesterday. It’s wonderful to see families with a goodly heritage! Have a blessed week in the Lord!



  4. Beautiful flowers. 🙂 We have mowed our grass several times. It needs it right now. We are going to be near 90 degrees today!Have a great day.



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