I thought I would show you ladies what happens when a cinderblock falls on your toe. Thankfully, I was wearing boots or it would have been lots worse. I must tell you all though, I really hesitated about showing you this picture. I did not realize I had such strange looking feet until I took this picture. Oh well, they are what they are, I guess.  It didn’t get me out of work though. I had to go with him this morning to texture the ceiling on the sheetrock job. That job is finished now so we can go back to working just the remodeling job. He has been going to the sheetrock job in the mornings and the remodeling job in the evenings. Doesn’t that sound wonderful!!! 2 jobs at one time. We are so blessed.

 Our temperatures did warm up some today. I think we actually got to about 50 degrees. It is supposed to be cold again tonight. I just finished building a fire to keep us toasty warm. I kinda thought we were finished with fires for this season but I guess I was wrong.   I hope all this cold doesn’t destroy the fruit harvest.

 I hope you all have a great evening. God bless.

8 thoughts on “Ouch!!!

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  1. Oh, Donna that must have hurt:-) It is good you are so busy, right? smile..
    We have a sunny day here after so much rain which I am so thankful for.. We needed it but I can hang out some bedding today.. Thank you, Lord..
    God bless sweet friend..


  2. Oh, I am so glad that it wasn’t worse. I hope that it heals quickly.

    I hope that your fruit survives the cold weather. Have a wonderful day with your family.



  3. Ouchy, ouchy, ouch! I hope your foot is feeling much better! It is so great to have all the work!

    Call me when you are ready to do e-bay. Only two more of my things sold, and I relisted what didn’t sell.

    Have a great evening and rest your poor, little foot!



  4. So glad to hear that the rhubarb bread turned out good for you! I need to make more loaves, as my family devours it so quickly!
    Hope your foot is feeling better…have a wonderful weekend!



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