What’s Blooming


I thought I would show you ladies a few pictures of what is in bloom around our home.  First, these lilies are huge this year.


I wish I could tell you the name of these, but I have forgotten what it is.


I love yellow and purple together. 


I know the name of these-strawberries!!!  We just planted these this year but they are doing very good.


Our raspberries are looking good this year.  We love raspberries.  They are just now starting to ripen.  YUM!!

Today is a beautiful day here in Floyd.  Our temperature is in the mid 70’s with a good breeze.  Nice day for sitting in the shade and relaxing.  We are having chicken and veggies on the grill for lupper and homemade ice cream is churning as I type.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless.

6 thoughts on “What’s Blooming

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  1. Donna,

    What beautiful flowers. I love the lilies. I need to go check our strawberries. We had some last night on our ice cream and they were delicious.

    Your lunch sounds wonderful. Have a wonderful afternoon and evening with your family.



  2. Your lilies are beautiful! We have the same ones blooming right now. Your yellow and purple flowers are so pretty together. Your strawberries are doing super too! Yum-black raspberries. Those are my favorite. Bub has been eating red raspberries this week. He really likes those.

    I hope you see you guys soon! Call me when you get a chance.



  3. Looking good.. I can’t imagine raspberries already.. We have not had our strawberries yet.. I am in no hurry to start all that jam, either.. smile..
    Your flowers are pretty…


  4. Beautiful flowers, especially the lillies. I haven’t made ice cream in a long time. I will have to pull out the ice cream maker soon. The kids would love it.

    Enjoy the great weather and have a nice day!


  5. Raspberries! Another of my favorites! Mia loves them too. Your raspberry plant looks much better than mine. This is the first year that we planted it and we have only gotten about 5 berries but they were yummy! Left us wanting more!



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