Around the Pond


The other day we all decided to take a walk around the pond.  It has been absolutely beautiful here in Floyd this week.  Our morning temperatures have been mid 40’s.  Amazing!!  Wonderful sleeping weather.  The days have only gotten into the mid 70’s.  I love it.  For my part, the Good Lord could just let it be this way all summer and I would be happy.


The girls had lots of fun.  They came in the house and got their wading shoes and spent lots of time wading in the pond.  Jasper even joined them for a while.  He doesn’t care much for water.  I suppose after his accident the first winter, he thinks water isn’t much fun.


Lots of cool bugs were flying around the pond.


I have no idea what they are but if you look closely you can see the tiny blue bugs that were hovering around the blade of grass.


We have so many of these birds.  I couldn’t tell for sure from the picture if they were barn swallows or tree swallows.  Both birds are abundant here.  They will fly down to the pond and touch the water.  It is amazing to watch.  Sometimes as many as 50 or more just skipping above the water.  I’m not sure if they are getting a drink or catching bugs but it is one of our favorite evening passtimes to watch them.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and God bless.



4 thoughts on “Around the Pond

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  1. Everything looks beautiful at your house! I am loving the cooler weather too, but a heat wave is coming. We won’t be as hot as most places though. It is supposed to be 103 in Grundy on Friday!


  2. Gorgeous pictures, Donna… Love the blue bugs.. So neat..
    I am sorry I have been by for a bit but life is almost back to normal.. grin..
    Glad to have you visit, though..
    God bless dear friend..


  3. Beautiful! Enjoy that weather. It is dry and hot in Central Indiana. Tomorrow it is suppose to 103! Luckily we are having low humidity so it makes it bearable. The only down side of low humidity is the fire risk. 😦 I can see why watching birds on the water is a favorite past time. I imagine it is amazing!

    Enjoy your Thursday!


  4. I think I missed this post. I want to take a walk around the pond. What beautiful pictures! I can’t believe your temps in this post. Oh how I wish it was we had those temps here.



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