A Beautiful Sunset


For the last few days, we have been enjoying beautiful sunsets.  We thought this one was exceptionally pretty. My thanks to Grace for taking the picture.  It looked like a highway and it stretched almost all the way across the sky.  God certainly is awesome.

We have been doing the usual around here.  Cleaning, canning etc.  Tuesday evening we visited with the Horn’s.  Vicki made her delicious potato soup.  Madison made a tomato pie, with fresh tomatoes and herbs she had raised and dried herself.  It was delicious.  It tasted amazingly like pizza.  We all loved it.

Today, I am meeting Mrs. Sally in “little town”.  She has a stock pot she is going to let me borrow for making spaghetti sauce.  I think the brand name is Calphalon.  She says it is wonderful and that her sauce never sticks.  I am excited about giving it a try and grateful to her for letting us use it.  Mrs. Faye from our church will also meet us there in town.  I picked up an outdoor canner for her yesterday and she wants to get started using it as soon as possible.

Well, I thinks that’s it for now.  I have lots to get done so I better get busy.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Sunset

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  1. What a beautiful sunset. Grace did a great job on the picture. I sure love the beauty that God gives us in our world.

    Isn’t canning season great? A lot of work but so worth it. Have a wonderful day with your family.



  2. What a beautiful picture, Donna.. Grace is very talented..
    When I read about Mrs. Faye.. I thought you meant I was meeting you in town.. Would that not be fun??? grin.


  3. That is a beautiful sunset! Good job, Grace! I hope your spaghetti sauce turned out great. I did a batch of salsa today using the mrs. wages hot salsa mix from Slaughters. I am going to do another batch tomorrow. I also got a mrs. wages bread and butter pickle mix to use up the last of the cucumbers. Is that what you used for your pickles?


  4. Vicki’s meal sounded delicious! God is amazing and so is the sunset! Awesome picture. Sounds like you are busy as usual. I hope you get lots canned and have a great weekend.



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