Raines Elementary


Hello everyone!  I thought I would share this picture with you all.  I found this on facebook the other day.  This is where I went to school from 1st to 6th grade.  In my 7th grade, they decided to tear down the school and build a new one.  They then moved all us students to another building.  I have many fond memories (and some not so fond) of this place.  You see, I went to school during the time when teachers could still paddle.  Not only that, but if I got in trouble at school, I knew I was in trouble at home.  How did we ever get to where we are now.  If a kid gets in trouble at school now, it is always the teachers fault never the kids.  Oh well, sorry, I think I got on a rabbit trail there.  Any way back to the picture.  The small building you see in the right hand corner is the girls toilet.  That’s right, toilet-not bathroom.  You can not see it but there is one just like it on the left for the boys. No swings or any type of play equipment.  Sometimes, someone would bring a board bat and a ball and we would play ball.  Most times, we just played tag and hide and go seek, jump rope, hop scotch,  things like that.   In the upper left is the coal house and the pump house.  Starting at the right of the building, the first room was the 3rd and 4th grade, next was 1st and 2nd, then 5th and 6th and the last room was for the 7th grade.  I guess they thought if you made it to 7th grade, you deserved a room all to yourselves.  As you probably guessed, we were a small school and everyone knew everyone, no matter what grade you were in.  The older grades watched out for the younger grades.  Everyone’s parents knew everyone’s parents.  Of course, this meant you couldn’t get into too much meanness because someone was bound to tell on you.  But I liked that, we knew where our boundaries were.

Well, that’s my walk down memory lane.  I hope I didn’t bore you all too much.  We are working with grapes today.  So I better get off here and get started.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. That is so cool! I can’t believe you remember everything like that! Did you ever get paddled? 🙂 When I was in Elementary school you could still get paddled. Some of my friend’s did, but I dodged it somehow. I hope you are able to get a lot of grape juice done. We are working on English right now. Then reading and we’re done, yay!!!! We got the field 100% finished yesterday. We ended up having to put in more wooden posts down by the creek to get the wire tightened good. The ground was too swampy to hold metal posts strongly. I hit nothing but mud about 1 1/2 feet down. By the time we were done we were too tired and hungry to wait on a picnic lunch so we did Pizza Inn buffet instead. We had decided to go to Rocky Knob(I think that’s the right name) instead of Smartview so we need to go to Rocky Knob sometime too. I am hoping that Natural Bridge will post something about their food drive tomorrow since it is September 1.


  2. What a great trip down your memory lane. I bet it brought back a lot of memories for you.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.



  3. Vicki…yes I know for a fact that Mom got paddled in school 😉 Maybe she’ll share the story here , lol. One of the teachers that paddled her was still teaching school when I went to Prater Elementary !


  4. Hi Donna.. Just catching up with my reading.. Sorry I have been so absent but will soon return to normal.. smile..
    Your deodorant looks interesting.. smile..
    I use lavender or sweet orange.. Both sell well but mine is sort of solid..
    Take care, my friend..
    Hope you liked your jam…


  5. It is a neat picture! I like the older looking windows. So, much light must have came in to the rooms. Giggle.. You must share the paddle story! I dodge getting paddled in school but probably wouldn’t have done some in highschool if they were allowed to do so! I always felt bad when the rulers came out to swipe hands! And, then we had a taddle tale donkey tale that some had to wear too! Most ugly thing and it was pinned onto your backside. I never wore it but oh there were a few that wore it almost every week. 😉


  6. Quite the contrarie, I enjoyed reading about your school memories. I am but 33 and when I was in elemenary school in Phoenix, Arizona I remember hearing stories about how Mr. Futch would paddle. I was blessed and only got a pink slip now and then. I actually only remember getting that once or twice. I was a pretty easy going kid, not bright, but easy going. big smile And now look at me, wife, mom, homeschooling. big smile Oh the places you can go. big smile Well, anyways, I enjoyed reading what you all would play at recess without haveing some huge play structure, tether ball, swing set, and all the things we are all convinced our kids need today. Silly us. big smile Have a blessed week and thanks for sharing your memories. Keep them coming. big smile Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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