Fall Colors

Here are a few of the pictures we took Saturday at Grayson Highlands.  The colors of fall are looking pretty good here.

We have had rain for several days so lots of the leaves have just fallen off.

Hopefully, not all though. I love the colors of fall.

We started school yesterday.  So far, everything is good.  Mostly just review right now.  We had some rather chilly weather yesterday so I built our first fire.  It was nice to feel the warmth and smell the wood smoke again.  Today we made a huge pot of chili beans for supper.  We plan on canning some of it-if there’s enough left.  It sure does smell good.

Well, lunch break is almost over.  Enjoy your day and God bless.



4 thoughts on “Fall Colors

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  1. You got some really great pictures! We went to Christiansburg earlier and didn’t see the reds that we saw at Grayson Highlands. Still pretty though. We have enjoyed the rain the last couple of days and cooler temps. We worked on flooring yesterday and today. I would say we are 95% done with the laundry room, kitchen, dining room, and den! Tomorrow we should be able to start on the living room. I want to show you when it is all done. It is not easy work, and the carpet is stapled down with a gazillion, really a gazillion or more, staples. My body hurts even my finger tips, lol! We will take a break from flooring tomorrow and go to Galax to hang Quentin’s tree stands for Saturday. Our neighbor from Galax owns some property that Quentin hunts on and I am going to practice shooting. I also want to visit a really cheap bread store that I used to shop at when we lived in Galax. I guess that’s about all we have been up to. I hope you guys are having a great week of school!!!! Talk to you and see you on Friday!


  2. Beautiful colors. We don’t have near as much fall colors like you do. We have freeze warnings for the valley this week so I am sure we will be having some fires.

    Have a wonderful day with your family. I hope that school goes well for you all.



  3. Your lunch break…and just starting school October 1st? I’m the newby around here, do y’all home school? I love the fall leaves! We don’t have nearly as many as you, more pines and tumble weeds, but those ones sure are a treat! We actually planted a sugar maple in our back yard and our growing blessings were tickeled to see the leaves start to change colors on the tip of ours. smile Your dinner sounds like it smells good. smile Have a great Friday and thank you so much for making the time to stop by my blog and also for making the time to share your encouraging words. It makes me smile to see that you’ve had the chance to do both. smile Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  4. So beautiful. I wish we lived in an area that gets those beautiful fall colors. We always head up to the mountains just after the fall color season. (sigh) One day maybe I will get to see the beauty during peak time.

    Chili sounds fabulous. It turned a little cold here and I think you have convienced me to make a pot.


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