Hello everyone!  I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday.  Things are good here.  School is finished for the week.  The girls and I are getting ready to clean out the chicken house.  Definitely not a fun job but necessary.  It is a nice day here in Floyd so that will make it a fairly pleasant job to do.  We have been really cold here in the mornings though.  Temperatures all this week have been mid to upper teens when we get up.  CHILLY!   However it warms up nicely during the day.

Chuck is coming tomorrow to help Hubby do some maintenance repairs on my car.  I don’t think I have mentioned it before but please be in prayer for him as he is laid off from his work.  We are praying he will get called back soon.

Well, I have lots to get done.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. Hey! I was admiring your Christmas cactus last Friday. I must get myself one! I love how it has been warming up during the day. I hope you get your car fixed this weekend. Yesterday Quentin had to change front and back roters and break pads and then we went to Wal-Mart for two new back tires. A tire went flat on him and Bub in Galax so they came home with the spare. Now he has four new tires so he should make it through winter in Bluefield! I will be praying that Chuck will get called back to work soon.


  2. What a beautiful Christmas cactus… I only have one blossom so far but it is a small plant..
    I pray he will get back on his job soon.. It must be a bit of a worry..
    Take care, my friend..xo


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