Winter Isn’t Finished Yet


Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a nice week.  Ours seemed to go by quickly which is not unusual for us.  No church today due to bad weather.  This picture shows what it looked like about 20 minutes ago.  Now it has changed from sleet to snow and is really peppering down.   Thursday morning our temperature was 13 with a wind chill of 6 degrees.  Wow, that feels more like January than March.  I am hoping though that when April comes in it will feel like spring.  I am definitely ready for spring temps.  The girls were supposed to play their Easter specials today.  I suppose they will have to wait until the Sunday after Easter now to play them as we always spend Easter down at Dave and Jessica’s.  It is SO much warmer at her house than it is here.

I hope you all have a great Sunday and God bless.


3 thoughts on “Winter Isn’t Finished Yet

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  1. I was just wondering if you had church today. I am a SORT of glad it is still cold. I don’t won’t to loose all my pears again this year. 🙂 I can’t wait to get out in the sunshine though. I will probably talk to you before Easter but if I don’t have a Happy Easter at Jess’s!


  2. Hi Donna.. We woke up to snow this morning, too.. Terry had to shovel a bit before we could get in the truck to go to church.. smile…
    A beautiful sunny day, though.. It must have snowed while we were sleeping..
    Typical March weather for us..
    God bless..


  3. Wow! We had a couple of snow storms yesterday on our way to pick up Emily in Pocatello. Thankfully the roads were clear on our way home.

    Have a wonderful day with your family and stay warm.



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