Picnic and a Surprise


Tuesday we went for a picnic with the Horn’s.  We had a great time.  It was our first picnic of the season with them.


The picnic spot was beautiful!


Fresh strawberries from North Carolina.  It’s still too early here for them but these were delicious!


I came home today to find this lounge chair being made.  I love it!  Thanks Hubby.  We have looked at this design for a while now and he said he thought today was a good day to build one.  It is chilly here today and very windy.  Our temperature is 50 degrees as I type.  I think there is a freeze warning in effect for tonight.  Wouldn’t you know it, we just got our plants in the ground this week.  I certainly hope they are wrong.  It has been a beautiful day though, just chilly.  Beautiful sunshine and the air is so clean and clear.  I do love days like this.

Have a great evening and God bless.


5 thoughts on “Picnic and a Surprise

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  1. The picnic was so much fun! And that is a great lounge chair! You get the best surprises ever!! We have to go out later and bring the silkie chicks in for the night. I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this, but I hope this is the last of the cold weather. I hope you and the girls have a great time at Tweetsie! Ruth will be here around 2 tomorrow. James is on a fishing trip and somebody will have to go to Christiansburg to get him on Sunday. I am hoping Ruth brings their truck since she is bringing the lawn furniture. That way maybe we can pick up a gate for our driveway in Christiansburg when someone picks up James.

    I hope you all have a great evening, and I can’t wait to see you on Sunday!!!



  2. Beautiful picnic spot! We are getting some of the cooler weather also. I was quite chilly all day yesterday. That is wonderful surprise. I enjoy coming home to find a surprise. Enjoy!


  3. Hi Donna.. Your picnic looks like a fund time and the strawberries out already.. Wow..
    Even if not from your state.. smile..
    Your lounge is nice.. Will you make a mattress?


  4. It is good to read about your amazing time out with friends/family. smile The fresh stawberries sound tasty…and they look wonderful in the picture, thanks for sharing. smile We have yet to have a picnic this year. I received a new cloth basket for my birthday from my mom and step-dad and got some alumanim dishes for it today. I look forward to using it this year. We have had a lot of rain this past week so it’s not been the right weather for it. smile Have a great day and enjoy that wonderful new chair. smile Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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