Yard Sale Find


I wanted to share with you all my lastest yard sale find.  I love these old books.


Grace had a mishap with her glasses and we had to go get them repaired yesterday.  A startled chicken flew up from the roost and hit her glasses.  It messed up her nose piece.  On the way to Wal-Mart I noticed a yard sale sign.  Well you know, it is so hard to pass up yard sales.  I am so glad I stopped.   I got these books for 10 cents a piece.


I just love the pictures and the stories in these old readers.  I have several of them.  Look, they even have a dictionary in the back.


I know my girls are way past these books but I still love them.


A picture just for fun.  This little lady seems to be an escape artist.  She manages to get out of the fence almost every evening.  We looked out the window the other day and she was sitting here on the bench just resting.  All our animals seem to love this bench.

Well, I better go.  Our VBS starts tonight.  Enjoy your evening and God bless.


5 thoughts on “Yard Sale Find

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  1. Your so right it is hard to drive past a yard sale sign. I love old books as well. I think you got a real deal. Your hen is beautiful. I wish I could let ours out to roam for the day as it is so good for them, but mine lay at all times of the day and it ends up being a egg hunt for me and Mollie my St. Bernard is good at finding them before me.
    We only have one hen “Mamma” a little Banty that has been with us forever that roams around as she lays and nests a few batches of Weeones every year.
    Anyhow I always enjoy your pictures. Keep them coming.


  2. I adore older books! So sweet. I keep telling myself “Don’t buy” anymore books and just as I get really firm in that decision, I end up finding the best little garage sale treasures!

    She sure is a pretty hen!


  3. The books are wonderful but I must admit that the chicken brought more smiles from me than the books. smile That is funny to see, thanks for sharing with all of us. Have a wonderful day. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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