Our Tea Time


Since our visit to the tea room, we have been having tea every day.  This is our “set” we have been using.  All of this, we have had for a long time except the little sugar bowl.  I found it here on the farm in one of the buildings.  It looked a lot different when I found it than it does now.  I did a lot of cleaning on it but it was well worth it.


I also took some bread Wednesday over to R G Cattle Co. here in Floyd to see if maybe it would sell.  I talked to the owner today and she said all had sold except one loaf and they would probably be buying it.  Yeah!  This is good news.  Hopefully,  I can keep on selling it. A little extra cash is always a good thing.  I also sold 2 loaves last week to a man our pastor knows.

We are moving along with our pastor search.  We had a prospective pastor speak Sunday.  He did a really good job.  We will be voting this coming Sunday.  I would appreciate your prayers on this matter.

Well, lunch break is over-time for school to start back.  I am SOOOO glad to have my computer back.  It makes it much more convenient for me to make posts.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless.

5 thoughts on “Our Tea Time

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  1. Thanks for praying for Bub.

    Your tea set is so pretty, and I love the sugar bowl. Bub and I are having a cup of chamomile right now but no pretty dishes for us. 🙂

    I hope you are able to keep selling your bread too. It is SOOOOOOOOOO good.


  2. What a lovely thing to do ..Your tea set is sweet and your sugar bowl is lovely..
    No wonder your breads all sold as they are wonderful.. Good for you.. May God bless the work of your hands and praying that you will get the pastor that God wills for you..
    Think of you often. xo


  3. What a beautiful tea set. I will be praying for your church. Your bread looks so good. Glad that you are able to sell some.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.



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