Gatlinburg Trip

IMG_1108Most of you probably don’t know but this summer Grace had Lyme disease.  This knocked her out of getting to go on the youth trip to Gatlinburg.  She was disappointed to say the least.  She was SO looking forward to seeing the aquarium.

So yesterday and today we were in Tennessee.  This was our Christmas gift from Dave and Jess.  Thanks again both of you.  We had such a great time.  I think you can tell by the look on Grace’s face she is very excited to be there.

IMG_1116We saw so many interesting fish!

IMG_1133IMG_1135IMG_1140Grace even got to pick up a horseshoe crab!IMG_1158When we came out of the aquarium, this is what we saw!

IMG_1189Very exciting!  All the Christmas lights were still up.  It was very beautiful.  The girls and I love Christmas lights.  Hubby doesn’t seem to get as excited as we do but he was a good sport during the trips around town so we could look.  Notice I said trips-we didn’t want to miss anything!

IMG_1197Our view from the balcony of our room.

IMG_1213Julie and the Avengers!

IMG_1241We spent a LONG time in here!  We had a great two days.  This trip was something we had been needed for a while.  Thanks again, Dave and Jess.

That’s all for now.  Enjoy your evening and God bless.



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  1. We enjoy aquariums a lot and the Christmas lights add a special effect to the trip, I am sure! I am glad you all got to enjoy a delightful day. I am sorry she got sick this past summer though.


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