Laundry Soap

I stopped by Jessica’s today and we decided to make laundry soap.  She had a new recipe she wanted to try.  She got the recipe from here   But first a picture of our helper, Miss Katie.



Doing this was lots of fun.  I still think it is amazing that I can just drop by her house and we can do stuff like this together.


We did change a few things on the recipe.  Our store was sold out of Fels Naptha soap so we used Zote.  Also we used all fabric powder bleach instead of oxi clean and we used purex crystals in the place of the downy unstoppables.  Okay so maybe we changed quite a few things but the basic recipe was still the same.


When all was finished, she had a pretty good amount of laundry soap.  I think this will be a really good soap to use.  It smells wonderful and has the powdered bleach to keep whites from getting dingy looking.

That’s about it for today.  I need to go start supper.  We are having chicken quesadillas.  I hope you all have a wonderful evening and God bless.



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