Meet Ezzie


IMG_1290Everyone, meet Ezzy (short for Esther).  This  little lady became a new addition to our home yesterday evening.  Thanks for finding her for us, Vicki!!  She is already much loved.


Many of you may not know but this beautiful boy is no longer with us.  He died in his sleep this summer and has been tremendously missed.


Jasper has been missing now for over a month.  We think someone may have picked him up.  He loved to ride so it would not have been hard to get him into a vehicle.  So now we have Ezzie.   Vicki found her for us yesterday online.  The lady who had her told us she had been dropped off at her house.  We think she was dropped off just for us as she already seems to be part of the family.  She will be our first indoor-outdoor dog and already promises to be more indoor than outdoor.  We are still looking for another dog as I think they do better in pairs.

What do you all think of my new look?  The picture is of the back side of our home.  Thanks so much, Dave, for fixing it all for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless.

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