Good morning everyone!  Yesterday and last night brought ice to our little town of Floyd.  It makes everything pretty but very dangerous.  I am NOT a fan of ice.  I would rather have snow any day over ice but the Good Lord knows what He is doing.


Everything is covered in ice!


Our grapevine.


Clothesline post.  No hanging clothes outside today.

IMG_1314So they will have to dry inside.  I LOVE the drying rack Hubby made for us several years ago.  It certainly comes in handy.  I did some research on using dryers a while back.  From what I could read, every time you use your dryer it cost about 50 cents to operate.  I estimate  I wash about 30 loads a month.  That’s a savings of $l5.00 if I don’t use the dryer.  I do use it occasionally though so I am still saving about $l0.00 a month.  I like that!  I put the clothes in front of the fire at night and they are dry by morning.    My kitchen is small so during the day I move the rack to the back porch area that we boxed in a few years ago.

Well, that’s all for now.  We were supposed to have our Critter Chompin tonight at church.  I need to find out if it has been cancelled or not.  Enjoy your day and God bless.


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