More Ice Pictures


The other evening this was the view from our sitting room window.  I thought it looked so pretty.


Same view just a little different angle.

IMG_1320I couldn’t decide which picture I liked the best so I just used all three.

We had a really nice weekend.  We did have the Critter Chompin at church Saturday night.  Not as many people showed up as usual though.  Some probably thought it was called off or they just didn’t want to take a chance on getting out on the ice.

Yesterday was a good day at church.  We had several visitors and some of them said they plan on coming back.  Our little church has grown slowly but steadily since our new pastor came.  He does a really nice job and has a wonderful family.  They all really care deeply for the Lord and it shows in all they do.  That is hard to find sometimes.

Last night for our Sunday night bible study meal we had a FEAST!  We had chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, rolls and lots of desserts.  Good food.  Then we did our study.  We are finishing up Max Lucado’s study “Expericencing the Words of Jesus”.  It has been a really good study.  We have one more lesson to do and then we will start a new study by John MacArthur “Twelve Unlikely Heroes”.  It looks like it will be really good also.  Our little Sunday night group as grown as well.  We actually even have a youth class on Sunday night’s now led by our pastor’s wife.  I am so glad.  For years, it was just our two girls.  They would bring something to do and go into one of the classrooms and occupy themselves until class was over.  Having other youth there is so much more fun.

I am putting something down in writing so that hopefully that will keep me accountable to do it.  This week I want to clean out our attic!!!  It is truly a mess.  Years and years of accumulation of stuff.  It will be a major undertaking and will take several days to finish.  I have put if off for WAY too long.

I hope you all have a great day and God bless.

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