We had such a good time Saturday evening making our sushi.  I am told these are actually called California rolls as Jess could not have raw fish.  Anyway whatever you call them they were delicious.  It was fun learning how to do something new.


And then just because in pregnant world somehow homemade hot fudge cake goes with sushi, we had this for dessert.  I made buttermilk chocolate cake and hot fudge sauce.    I tried to make a link for these recipes but I couldn’t get it to work.  The recipes though can be found on my blog under desserts.  The only difference was I used milk chocolate chips instead of semi sweet in the fudge sauce.  It gave it a different taste, almost like chocolate caramel.  I really liked it as I am a huge caramel fan.

So next, just to make everyone go, YUCK, I want to show you the splinter that came out of my finger.


That’s right everyone say wow!  To be truthful, it really felt like it should be much bigger.  I pulled part of it out last week and thought I had gotten it all.  But then it started to hurt, really bad.  Our pastor’s wife, Bumblebee, knows a lot about essential oils.  I showed my finger to her and she gave me some oil to put on it.  She said it would draw the splinter out.  She was right.  I put it on my finger 3 times yesterday and this morning it was up to the top of the skin and was very easy to pull out.   Amazing!

Temperatures have been WONDERFUL here for the last few days.  It was mid fortys here this morning when we got up.  We actually enjoyed our morning coffee outside on the green swing.  How amazing is that!!

Well, that’s it for now.  I hope you all have a great evening and God bless.

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