Beautiful But Cold


Good morning everyone!  It is beautiful here in Floyd today.  As you can see, we have some snow.  The main thing here today is the temperature.  We are -2 degrees with a wind chill of -20.  Our wind is about 40 mph with gusts close to 50 mph.  I took this picture this morning in one of the rare moments when the wind wasn’t blowing.  We were hoping for enough snow to make snow cream today but I think the wind has blown most of it away.


We had our valentine dinner at church yesterday evening.  So much good fun.  The youth do the dinner as a fund raiser.  It really surprised me to see how many people showed up.  Of course, I think all of wished we had left just a little earlier.  The roads were terrible coming home.  We tried to come home our normal route but it was too bad.  We had to turn around and try another way.  Then when we got out on the main road it wasn’t much better.  But praise the Lord as far as I know everyone made it home safely.  I am SO glad Hubby changed his mind and decided to go with us.

This little cold snap is expected to stay with us for a while.  Monday they are calling for snow, 12 in. or more.  Then temperatures in the negative numbers which will put the wind chill down really low.  We really can’t complain though as so far we have had a really mild winter.  I think Jess would disagree with me but it IS true.  I have pictures to prove what some of our winters have been like.

I think today is definitely a snuggle in day.  I think I’ll make a pot of homemade soup.  Enjoy your day, stay warm and God bless.





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