New Salad

IMG_1530This is my new favorite salad.  It has spinach on the bottom, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, black beans, strawberries and feta cheese.  I usually do not like vinaigrette dressings but this raspberry one is really good with this salad.  The spinach is store bought but

IMG_1523ours is coming along nicely.   I look forward to our own fresh greens in our next salad.

IMG_1532I thought I would share an early morning picture with you all.  These two pictures were taken from our front porch as Hubby and I drank our morning coffee together.  I am so blessed!  A year ago at this time we did not know if the Lord would give us another year together or not.  The same applies today however one thing we do know-God is in control and I praise Him for that.

IMG_1534Enjoy your day and God bless.


5 thoughts on “New Salad

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  1. I LOVE to see mist like that on or near the mountains. When I went to visit my sister-in- law last summer in the mountains, I took a lot of pictures of the mist on the mountains after it rained. It was so beautiful!

    So glad to know that you and your Hubby are looking to GOD and HIS goodness. HE is our strength in times of trouble. Blessed be HIS Holy Name. Sweet JESUS CHRIST!

    Have a great weekend!

    Matthew 6:33


  2. Happy Mother’s Day dear friend.. So glad you have been blessed with another year together.. God is so faithful .. Your salad sounds really good and I was wondering what all was planted in your garden.. smile..
    God bless..xo


  3. Lovely pictures. I don’t take good food pictures but you do a great job at doing it. That salad looks delicious. I am envious of your garden. Out here in the desert the growing season is switched – winter instead of the summer. So, I have the garden itch.


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