Picnic Time

IMG_1577We love getting together with family and friends for picnics and good fellowship.  Yesterday our table looked like this.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal with our friends, the Horns.  Dave, Jess and kids came over for a while also.  It was a really nice evening.  Today we went to Pandapas Pond for another picnic.  Chuck and his family came, Jess and her family and us.  The younger kids played in the pond and us older ones sat around and talked.  Great times.

I wanted to let you all know about what has been going on here in the last few weeks.  George is taking a much needed break from chemo.  While he is on this break, the doctors have decided it is a good time for him to have his surgery.  The tumor on his bowels has shrunk enough that they are going to remove it.  This is a huge praise!!  They will be removing the fistula that is connected to his bladder, repairing the bladder and removing his colostomy.  This will be happening on Wednesday, May 27th.  We so appreciate your prayers on this as this will be a major surgery.  They estimate he will be in the hospital for 5 days.  The tumors are still present in his liver but this will greatly improve his quality of life(these are the doctors words).  All we know is what we have said all along-GOD IS IN CONTROL AND GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!

Enjoy your day and God bless.


5 thoughts on “Picnic Time

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  1. Oh .. what wonderful news and yes God is in control… Praying for you all.. Your picnic looks awesome and now I am yearning for devilled eggs.. grin.. xoxo


  2. It looks like a very lovely family picnic. Everything looks delicious.

    Praying that his surgery goes well and that the Lord continues to heal him.


  3. Thanks for the update on George! We had just said we hadn’t heard anything for awhile! Praying all goes well with his surgery! Picnic looks delicious! Our love to all!


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