It’s Almost Christmas

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all having a good week.   As you can tell by the above picture, we have our tree up.  YAY!  We also finished decorating the mantle. 

We like to keep it simple.  The little nativity scene has sat on this mantle for many years.  We feel like it completes the decoration.

Some of the things we have made this past week.  Pinwheel candy or as we call it peanut butter roll candy.

Chicken noodle soup.

The filling for our chicken quesadillas.  I love making these.  It is a good way to use up vegetables and we all love them.

I have been blessed this week with a “new” stove.  It is new to me anyway.  My friend, Retia, got a new one and she gave me her old one.  Thanks so much, Retia. I love it!  My thanks also to Dave who went with me (after a very long day) to pick it up, bring it home and set it up.

So this is why it was a long day.  Dave and the kids went down to Madison over the weekend.  Dave wanted to fix the dishwasher in their rental house and they were doing Christmas with his family that live close by there.  Anyway on the way home Saturday night, he has a blow out on one of the trailer tires.  A very nice man offered to let Dave park the trailer in his yard until he could get a tire for it.  So Sunday morning,  Dave and I go back down to Madison in search for a trailer tire.  It turns out these are sometimes hard to find.  Took us ALL day to get a tire, get it mounted on his rim, go back to where the trailer was parked, put the new tire on, get back to Floyd and then go get the stove.  Yes I  know that is a long sentence but it was that kind of day. 

Another thing new in my kitchen is this pretty red keurig.  The girls got it for me for Christmas. 

Some Christmas characters Grace drew.  I think they are so cute. 

A pretty sunset.

I love the way the color is reflected on the pond.  God always has such beautiful colors.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and God bless.

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