Good Morning

It is a beautiful morning here in Floyd. Hurricane Florence has passed through. Everything is soaked but the air smells so fresh. Damage from the storm was not too bad here. Lots of flooding and road damage but not so bad. We did not loose power but I do not know about the rest of the area. We have not been out as I understand our road is not open.

On to happier things, we celebrated this handsome young man’s birthday this weekend. He is eleven. How amazing is that.

He chose a space theme. Jess did a great job with all the decorations. She made a cake, had milky way bars and moon pies. It was a lot of fun. He received a Nintendo 2ds from Dave and Jess. Grace and I got him a Pokemon game to play on it. They played it all weekend. Fun stuff.

Jess put this picture of Daniel on Facebook for his birthday. I think it is such a good picture.

We made a new jam recipe. It is called caramel apple jam. It looks good. We haven’t tried it yet but I took a jar to Jess. She said they liked it.

We canned more pie filling.

The kittens hard at work!

Enjoy your day and God bless.

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