New River Fiber Company

Last Saturday Jessica, Retia, Kelly and myself made a trip to a yarn store. It was in Blacksburg. We enjoyed the day, looking at all kinds of different yarns.

While we were enjoying our day, Grace, Daniel, Sam and Katie were having fun at the farm. They made an oreo dessert, played videos games and took a walk.

Just a few of the pictures Grace took on their walk.

I’ve been working on a few crochet projects this week. We are much too wet here to do any outside work.

I didn’t buy any yarn at the yarn store as I had this to work with already. Jess purchased a box of yarn for me and herself during the summer. This beautiful yarn was in it. I love it. It is so soft.

This yarn also came in the package. I have found a new to me YouTube channel to watch. It is called fiber flux. I have learned both these stitches from watching her channel.

That’s all for now. God bless.

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