Hello everyone! I hope you have been enjoying these nice summer days. I have definitely enjoyed this summer.I have found a new seed company to order from. It is called Hoss Tools. I have never known seeds to germinate as quickly as theirs have and the plants look beautiful. I am experimenting with fall crops this year.

These are Max Packs cucumbers from Hoss Tools. Just look how pretty they are.

This is a late bean crop I planted on Monday of this week and they are already up on Friday. This is just amazing to me. These are called Momentum beans. I also planted Dragon’s Tongue and Rattlesnake beans. The Rattlesnake beans are a pole variety which I am very excited about. I think I really like the idea of picking beans standing up!

One of the the things we are battling right now is tomato hornworms. David fixed us up two black lights and every night Grace and I go hornworm hunting. So far we have found five. They are huge. I do not want them to destroy our tomatoes. They can do so much damage in a short amount of time.

Speaking of tomatoes, I tried something different this year. A lot of the homesteading people I follow do not trim their tomatoes. I have always trimmed mine but I thought I would try a different approach this year. As you can see, they were quite a jungle. This made it so hard to see the hornworms even with a black light. So yesterday, I spent four hours in the tomato patch.

Now they are all trimmed, tied up and so much better (in my opinion). I think that I prefer to trim mine.

We had a really bad lightning storm the other day. Lightning ran our phone line and knocked out our phones and internet. The phone company came quickly and replaced the damaged parts. So thankful for good grounding so that no other damage was done. The sky was beautiful though after the storm passed.

So that’s about all for now. I wanted to end this post with these pretty sky pictures.

Grace took this picture last night of the moon just peeking out from the cloud. God bless!

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