Seedlings and a Surprise!

Good morning everyone! Just look at these beautiful seedlings! Both cabbages and both broccoli have already sprouted!

Also some of the basil. This makes me so happy!

To me, there is something so exciting about planting a seed in the dirt, seeing it become a seedling and knowing, God willing, that seedling will produce food for my family! God never ceases to amaze me❤

Yesterday Dave came over to fix a water leak out in one of our buildings. It happily was a quick fix. The older kids were coming over to play dnd with Grace so Dave, Jess John Luke and I decided to go to Rural King for a little outing. I needed to get a new door handle for one of our storm doors.

John Luke loved the baby chicks. He wanted to hold them all!

When we got back home, Grace and the kiddos had a huge surprise for me. After they finished playing their game, they went up to the garden and moved 31 wheelbarrows of mulch and spread it out.

The garden is already looking so pretty for spring! This was such a sweet surprise!

I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

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