Good morning everyone! It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in Floyd. Our temperature dropped significantly last night. It was down to 19° when I got up this morning. I am sure our wind chill was in the single digits but I forgot to check. Definitely cold!

So this morning as I was feeding, watching these cute ladies, I thought chickens bring me so much joy! During the (long) short days of winter when egg production comes almost to a complete stop, it is tempting to think they are just a bunch of freeloaders, requiring feed, multiple trips daily in the cold to check on them and getting no eggs in return.

But then spring comes! The days become longer and brighter. They sing to me every morning! They give us eggs! They are happy chickens and in return their presence gives me great joy!

God bless!

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  1. Chickens bring me such joy too! They are always so entertaining to watch! Spring is always an anticipated event we look forward to! We are still in the depths of winter here, although the days are getting longer, which is wonderful!

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