What’s Been Going On

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great day! I just wanted to share a few pictures of what has been going on here.

We celebrated John Luke’s birthday yesterday. He asked to go to Chuck E Cheese’s for his party. It was a lot of fun! As you can tell by the picture, he had a blast!

Sam is taking allergy shots twice a week now. He is doing very good so far with them. He is very happy here because Grace sent him a game to play on the DS.

Dave and the kiddos came over last weekend to help Grace and I get the garden ready. They really did a great job!

Dave is showing Katie how to use the t post driver

We got all the landscape fabric down in both gardens.

We ran out of the staples to hold it down so we just laid wood and such on it to keep the wind from blowing it away. I have since gotten the staples but I haven’t got them put down yet.

I am so happy with how this planter turned out. I made this all by myself! I used an older planter that I had bought as my pattern. And I used wood I already had so it was basically no cost. I love that! I plan on putting herbs in the pots and leaving the planter on the deck so they will be easily accessible.

All the next pictures are of my seedlings. Peppers and tomatoes. They are all potted up now and so far they are looking really good!

I hope you all have a great Easter! God bless!

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