Summer is Sweet


I thought I would share some of my flowers with you.  The second picture is of the garden.  The third is my most favorite spot in the entire yard.  I love to sit on this swing and enjoy the view.   My hubby redid the swing last year.  It was one of those from Wal-Mart with fabric for the seat.  It also had a fabric cover on top however one Floyd winter can destroy much.  We have lots of high wind here so of course the top was the first to go,  another year or so and the seat was  in really bad shape.  So he ripped all that out and put treated wood on it.  I love it.  God and I have so many special talks right here in this swing.   Early spring pictures from my swing.  Enjoy100_2007100_2006100_2005

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0 thoughts on “Summer is Sweet

  1. Those are some great pictures of the farm.
    I thought George’s work on that swing was very neat. It looks and swings great. I am sorry you guys didn’t get to come down this weekend… maybe Me and Jess can do something special for you guys soon.

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