Well, we did get the snow. It started last night around 8:30 and is still snowing. It does, however, make everything look beautiful. I had a hard time deciding which pictures to use, but finally decided on these two. The first one is from my dining room window. In the second one, I thought I would show you the pond is just as pretty in snow as in sun. It really has been a great day. The snow has fallen steady all day. We made homemade rolls, a homemade cake, and had 15 bean soup for lunch. I think I’ll go start on an apron later or maybe just read a book. Life is Good!I pray your day is as enjoyable as mine has been. God Bless.

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0 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Now your visitors will be able to leave comments from your front page. I hope you like 🙂

    BTW I think we may have gotten more snow than you guys this time we have 8″+

  2. Donna, I LOVE your blogs! Love the pictures and you always make me hungry when you describe what you are having for supper. Stay warm, but keep the snow in VA. We usually get more than you do…not this year!
    Love to all….Elaine

  3. Donna, this is new to me! Just wanted you to know we LOVE you blogs….the pictures are beautiful and the food always sounds delicious. You always make me hungry. Reminds me of the times we ate at your mom and dad’s at the old homeplace….good memories.

    Keep up the good work! Stay warm and keep the snow in VA. Don’t send it to MI!

    Love ya,

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