A picture of our grapes.  They look like they will be plentiful this year.  When we bought these vines several years ago, we thought we were buying purple concord grapes, however they are green.  They first year we almost didn’t get any because we kept waiting on them to turn purple.  They are very good, though.  We just had to adjust to grape jelly not being purple.  I am thinking about making grape juice this year.  I have no experience with it though.  All I’ve ever done with our grapes is make jelly but a family can only eat so much jelly.  If anyone is familar with making juice, I would appreciate any advice you can give.  I am thinking about purchasing a steamer/juicer for this but I am not sure it would be worth it.  What do you all think? 

It was extremely hot here yesterday.  When we went to bed last night it was 90 degrees in our bedroom.  When we got up this morning about 6:00  it had cooled down to 82 in our room, thats still pretty warm.  Hopefully, today will not be as hot but it is what it is.   Tomorrow our bible study will meet at Wanda’s house.  She has air conditioning. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. Have you ever tried raisins? You can lay the fresh grapes out in the sun for two to three weeks on brown paper bags. You may have to trun the grapes about half way through. Then they trun in to raisins. They are yummy. The seedless Thompsons (green) are perfect for that. It needs to be nice and hot high 90 low 100s. We do ours middle to end of Aug.

    Hope this helps



  2. A steamer/juicer is definitely worth it. I have one. I use it for my grape juice, tomato juice, and applesauce.

    For the grape juice I just put it in the steamer juicer and then cook it. After I cook the tomatoes and apples I run it through my strainer.

    We also have some green grapes. I use them for juice as well. You just have to get use to it not being purple. Or sometimes I will take a quart of the green juice and mix it with a quart of the purple juice.

    We transplanted our grapes over a year ago so they are not producing as much. I will get enough, but it does take time.

    Have a great day.



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