Wonderful News

I want to share with you all our wonderful news.  We just found out this morning that Jessica is pregnant.   We are not sure how far along she is.  She will be going to the doctor on Wednesday for her first appointment.   God is SO good!  His kindness toward His children always amazes me.  Thank you Lord!  I would so appreciate it if you all would be in prayer for her and this new life she carries.

We have sunshine today with wind gusts of about 50 mph.  Temperature is cold.  Actual temperature is 35 degrees.  I’m not sure what the wind chill is but I know it is cold.  I have one load of clothes on the line but I have to keep going out to pick them up off the ground.  The wind keeps blowing them off the line.  I think I’ll probably just go bring them in.  I wanted to do some trimming today but I think I’ll have to postpone it until tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be warmer then.

We had our first lesson today in our new study, NO OTHER GODS by Kelly Minter.  It seems to be a good study.  She asks a lot of questions that cause us to search ourselves for the answers.  I think these are hard studies.  I guess I’m just not very good at self evaluation.

Tonights menu will be ham biscuits, the leftover kale and potatoes.  I made fresh rolls today for the ham however half of them have already been eaten.  I love to cook things that get eaten quickly.  It makes me fill happy inside.  I also made a fifteen bean soup with ham for tomorrow.  I like to make soup a day ahead when I can.  I always think it taste better the next day. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

7 thoughts on “Wonderful News

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  1. Praying for mommy and baby!!

    It is cold out there. I thought I would run chicken food out earlier with no coat and in flip flops. It was a bad, bad idea!

    I am trying to think if I have ever had kale before and I don’t think I have. Unless that is what my mom always called greens?? Your rolls get eaten quickly because they are so yummy 🙂

    Hope to see you guys soon,


  2. That is wonderful news! We will keep her in our prayers! Wow that is some wind you have there today. I agree that the soup is always better the next day.

    Have a great day,



  3. Congratulations to Jessica and family. How exciting for everyone. We are going to try your Amish bean soup recipe in a week. Tonight we are having fried chicken.

    Have a great evening with your family.



  4. Oh, congratulations to all of you! So exciting! I agree ~ I think it is encouraging when something gets eaten up quickly!

    Blessings to your family!


  5. How exciting!!! Congratulations to you all! I will certainly keep her and baby in my prayers! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


  6. OH, Such a blessing! A baby! I will remember to pray for your Jessica when I see your name. How very exciting.

    I am not very good at self-examination either with out just being too critical. But your study does sound wonderful and I like hearing about your time with the Ladies.

    I need to try another soup recipe too. I have another Amish recipe that I got for their little “stand”. I will have to do that this week. I have to say thought, I am ready for the summer salads! Come on Spring.


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