Our grapevine. You can see another smaller “brash” pile in the second garden.   We are hoping to have lots and lots of grapes this year.  Now that we have our steamer juicer, we are looking forward to making lots of grape juice .   We certainly did enjoy the apple juice we made last year.  I want to experiment with other types of fruit to make juice.

Today is another beautiful day here in Floyd.  Very windy though, as usual.  Temperature is already in the 50’s.  Forecast is for rain over the weekend.  I was hoping for sunshine and warm temperatures but I know we did rain too.   The ladies will be coming in a little bit.  We are planning on doing some more outside work after our study is finished.  The girls work on school while the ladies and I are doing our bible study.    We are working on a surprise outside which I will show you all when we get it finished. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. I hope you get a lot of grapes on your grapevine. We need to take care of our old grape vine and we got a seedless concord grapevine over the weekend. I will have to get some tips from you.

    I can’t wait to see your surprise!


  2. I haven’t been in W. VA in 4 years. My Hubby takes the kids once a year to see their grandma (his mom.) I stay home and look after the animals. I would love to go but that’s the one drawback on having a farm, someone has to take care of their daily needs ;- )

    Hubby said he couldn’t understand why they moved the town across the creek when they first did it. I know that most of those buildings were very old. I also remember him telling me about a flood in that area in the 70’s? that about wiped out the town of Grundy.

    Are they finished with the Wal Mart yet? Richard (Hubby) told me that the community was excited upon hearing about a Wal Mart being built. I think the nearest one is in Richlands area.

    My husbands name is Richard (Kenny) Mullins. I call him Richard everyone in W.VA. calls him Kenny. He moved away when he was 19 (now 45) to go to a vocational school here in NC. That is how we met.

    It’s so cool to hear from someone that lives up his families’ way.

    Gotta go!

    Have a blessed weekenin in THE LORD!

    Matthew 6:33


  3. We do like the grape juice from our vines, and the steamer/juicer certainly makes it easier to do. I have made tomato juice with it as well. Cook the tomatoes enough to make them soft and then run through the Victorio Strainer.

    We have wind here as well. A little too cold to be outside without a heavy jacket and a beanie on your head.

    Have a great day.



  4. I am looking foward to seeing the picture of them all covered with grapes! I am going to look up steam juicer!

    We had a nice weather day. I sure needed it!


  5. I hope your grapes do good! I would like to have grapes one of these days. My mom has some but she only makes jelly with hers. The name of the strawberries we bought are called “Ozark Beauties”. They already have little strawberries on them. I need to see about getting me a juicer as well. That juice sounds like it would be delicious. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂


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