I just love sunflowers.  I think they are so cheerful and fun.  These come up underneath the feeder and I think they add so much to the area.  The cats have played there so much though that a lot of them are drooping down to the ground.  They still look pretty though.

I have been kinda busy for the past few days.  As you all know, we went down to Jessica’s on Friday.  We had a great visit and enjoyed play time with the boys.  Then we went to pick the apples.  She didn’t have very many but we got what was on the tree.  I haven’t worked them up yet so no picture of pink applesauce.  On Saturday, we went to pick apples at Faye’s sisters house.  We ended up with about 4 bushel.  When we got home I started working on them.  I have told Faye all about our steam juicer and sauce maker.  She has been wanting to buy them for herself.  Sunday evening at church Gene (her husband) said he was going to buy them for her.  We met them yesterday morning in town at the Farmers Supply.  He bought the steam juicer, the sauce maker and a steam canner for her.  She was so excited.  We then went home with them and showed them how to operater their new equipment.  She had a 5 gal. bucket of apples to work up.  From that she got 2 qts of juice and 5 qts of applesauce.  It was a really fun day.  I really want one of those steam canners.  It takes my water bath canner about 1 hr. to start to boil.  The steam canner is ready in about 10-15 min.  Amazing.  We definitely would be saving on the amount of gas we use.    Hopefully, we will be able to get one soon.  Much faster and more economical.

I worked up some more of our apples yesterday evening after we came back from Faye’s house.  We will be working on them more today.  So far, we have 8 qts of applesauce and 4 qts of apple juice.   Grace has been taking some more pictures.  This is a picture of the sunset God gave us yesterday.


I forgot to tell you ladies about the nice weekend we had.  Remember Thursday evening I said temperatures were cooling off.  Well, Friday and Saturday morning the temperature when we got up was 58 degrees.  Can you believe that?  Then Sunday and Monday morning it was 61 degrees.  The highs for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were only in the mid 70’s.  Wonderful!!  Thank you Lord!!  Yesterday, it started warming back up and today I think it will be back to normal but it certainly was wonderful to enjoy a few fall-like days in summer.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. Your sunflowers are so cheerful and pretty! What fun to make juice and applesauce with Faye! Sounds like a wonderful day. Grace’s sunset picture is beautiful. We certainly enjoyed the cooler days but decided we weren’t ready for fall just yet 🙂 Hope you see you all soon- I miss you guys 😦


  2. Beautiful sunflowers. My daughters’ are slowly waning away in this heatwave.

    Our temps. were in the mid 80’s this weekend with lows of aout 65*. THAT WAS SUCH A BLESSIN’. I was able to open my windows and air out the house in the evening. Such a wonderful surprise blessing from THE LORD!

    Have a great day in THE LORD!

    Matthew 6:33


  3. Sunflowers are cheerful to look at. We haven’t planted any for a few years. The steamer juicer and sauce makers are nice. I haven’t used a steamer canner.

    Grace is doing a great job on the pictures. Have a great evening with your family.



  4. Hi Donna.. Love the sunflowers.. We don’t have any this year.. Your friend is so blessed to get all that equipment..
    Tell her I like her name… grin..
    Grace is taking gorgeous pics.. Love them..
    Thanks for the email..


  5. Love your sunflowers 🙂 We have been insanely busy around here. Today is the first day that I’ve even gotten a decent 🙂 It will all be worth it come winter 🙂 My hubby surprised me with the canner book you told me about. It was so helpful. Thank you for telling me about it! We have been doing lots of apples too. Are you gong to dehydrate any of them? Hope you have a wonderful Thursday.
    CAry Ann


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