The hummingbirds are really enjoying the feeders.  We have this feeder at the old building and another one at the green swing.  I think hummers are so much fun to watch. 

Today, Hubby and I decided to put an outside faucet on the side of the new room.  When we built the new room we had to take the old outside faucet off.  Well, plumbing never seems to go as you think it will.  We run the pipe and got everything connected, turned the water back on and amazingly, no leaks.  Then we go outside, turn the faucet on and amazingly, no leaks.  Well, of course, we are patting ourselves on the back now thinking wow, that was easy.  Hubby turns the outside faucet off and guess what-it won’t turn off.  It was a brand new faucet so we’re not sure what was wrong with it.  Of course, we have no cut off valve in our collection of plumbing supplies so we have to shut the water off again, drive 30 minutes to the local hardware, get a cut off valve and a new outside faucet.   When we get home, he put the cut off valve on so we could turn the water back on.  He had to go look at a job possibility so the other faucet will have to wait.  He will have to take  the one that doesn’t work back out of the wall so he can put the other one in.  Hopefully this one will work. 

Well, that’s  our day.  Temperatures here today have been wonderful.  Low 80’s.  It is now almost 6:00 p.m. and the temperature is 75 degrees with a great breeze.  Thank you, Lord.  Tomorrow we will be going down to Jessica’s.  She has a doctors appointment.  We will be watching the boys and then going over to David’s mom’s to pick some apples.  Remember last year, she gave us those pink apples.  Well, they are ready to pick.  They make such pretty applesauce. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

5 thoughts on “Hummingbirds

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  1. Your hummingbirds are so pretty. I hope your outside faucet is up and running soon. Have fun with the boys and picking apples. I do remember how pretty that applesauce was! Today’s temperature here is pretty amazing. I would even say it is a bit on the cool side. Hurry home before you miss it 🙂


  2. Hi Donna… Looking forward to seeing your pink applesauce.. I have not heard of that before.. Our temps are cool here, too. My Mom is visiting so we actually turned the heat on… smile.
    Plumbing is a pain, sometimes, eh?



  3. Your picture of the hummingbird is great. I hope that your husband was able to fix the faucet. That can be frustrating.

    Have a great weekend with your family.



  4. I cannot imagine EVER having to turn on the heat in July !!! It’s about 100 here today with some killer humidity.


  5. Love the humming birds. We have seen one at our place for the first time this year so we got a feeder and stuck it to the outside of our large window to the back yard. Don’t you know, but the humming bird came back. Very exciting! Glad the water is back on and hope the job hunt goes well. The storage shelf looks great too, and already getting used completely! smile Congratulations on the finding out of the gender of the baby. Though it looks like Daddy sure has fun with his boys. smile Have a great day and I wish for a healthy rest of the pregnancy for Jess as well as a safe delivery. smile Blessings, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more! p.s. thanks for stoping by my journal also. smile


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