Our First Egg


Very exciting news here today.  We got our first egg!  I guess maybe we need to get out more, if just getting an egg gets us this excited.  But we think it is beautiful.

Well, we finally got the pink apples worked up today.  This is what they looked like when we cut them up.


They are so pretty.  Remember last year, we purchased the steam juicer and the Roma sauce maker.  They have been so helpful already this year.  We just quartered the apples, no peeling necessary.  Put them in the steam juicer and let them cook.


This is what the juice looks like.  Such a beautiful color.  We got 5 pts of juice.  The juice is concentrated.  For every pint you get a quart of juice. 


Then after the apples cooked in the steam juicer we ran them through the sauce maker.  We got 6 pts of applesauce.  Thanks so much, Donna, for sharing these with us.    We are working on peaches now.  They are canning as I type.  We saved the peelings from the peaches.  We are going to put them in the steam juicer and make juice from them.  I like the fact that there is hardly any waste. 

Remember how I said last weekend was unusually cool here.  Well, I can hardly remember that now.  It has been HOT all week.  I know not as hot as many of you but still hot.    Temperatures have been in the 90’s outside and about that hot inside our house.    I am so thankful to a blogger friend who gave me the idea of using a propane unit to do our canning on.  We put it on the front porch and it makes such a difference keeping the house a little cooler.  Most of the heat is out there not in the kitchen.  

Well, we better get busy doing some cleanup.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

7 thoughts on “Our First Egg

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  1. Your first egg is beautiful. And so is your juice and applesauce! It is so hot today! Thank you for the apples. We have frozen 4 quarts, cooked a pot with supper last night, and we are going to make apple muffins-maybe enough to freeze some.

    Thought you might want to know Quentin is getting ready to leave the E.R.- he was loosing a lot of blood from a kidney stone again, and the sight of blood makes him weak-very weak! He has had fluids, an x-ray, CT scan and gets some pain medication just in case. I wish there was something that could be done about them! I think we probably met our deductible today-yuck!

    Talk to you soon.


  2. Hi Donna.. Your apple juice and sauce look amazing.. I have to try and get a juicer like yours.. It is wonderful..
    It is hard for me to imagine apples and peaches already.. We are at least a month to 6 weeks behind you, I think..
    Oh well, as long as we get there… grin..
    God bless..
    Thanks for your email…


  3. That pink applesauce looks so good! We get excited about eggs around here too! GOD’s beautiful creation. AWESOME!

    Have a great day in THE LORD!

    Matthew 6:33


  4. Beautiful pictures. The color of the sauce and juice is great. The steamer juicer is great. I love using it for all kinds of things. I never thought of saving the peach skins and juicing that. You will have to let us know how that works.

    I love doing the canning outside. It sure does help with the heat inside. Have a great day with your family.



  5. YAE for the first egg! We always get super excited over things like that too here. You’ll be getting a housefull of eggs in no time.
    Love those apples! I have never seen any like that before. They look like they will be sweet. The early apples we get here are the small green ones that are very very tart.
    I put up some peach juice as an experiment the other day. After cooking my peaches in the crockpot for my peach sauce I took all the left over juice (which had spices in it) and added sugar and canned it. It reminded me of Christmas apple cidar. I hope it’ll be good on some cold winter night. I am gonna have to check out all that equipment you’re talking about. I have never seen them before. Do they sell them at Wal-mart?
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family,

    Cary Ann


  6. Can you show us how the steam juicer works? I don’t think I know what one looks like.

    Oh, How I would love to have such beautiful cans in my house!


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