Hello ladies.  Weather here has certainly decided to change.  Just a few days ago, we didn’t even need a fire.  Last night, temperatures dropped to 5 degrees with wind gusts of 60 mph.  This put the wind chill to about -10 or lower.  To top all that off the power went off about midnight and stayed off until around noon today.  Thankfully, we do not need electricity for heat or we would have definitely been cold.  However, when the electricity came back on, our water was frozen.  We had left it running slightly last night so that it wouldn’t freeze but when the power went off the pump stopped working, therefore the water stopped running.  We worked on thawing it out after lunch.  We now have hot and cold water in the bathroom and laundry room but only cold water in the kitchen.  Thank you, Lord!  It seems no matter how hard we try, when the wind blows that fierce and the temperature drops that low, our water seems to always freeze.  I am very grateful that it thawed as easy as it did.   You all may remember a few years back, our water remained frozen in the bathroom for an entire month.  YUCK!

Well, that’s enough of my woes.  Last week, I heard a funny saying for when someone is complaining.  “Do you want some cheese with that whine?”  I think I’ve whined enough.  Sorry ladies.  I hope you all have a great evening and God bless.

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  1. Hey! Quentin said you called this morning. I am glad your power is back on and your waters not frozen. I just came in. About froze out there! The goat water bucket had frozen and burst so I stole a metal dish from Caspian for them. I do hope it is in the 40’s tomorrow. I don’t like when it is too cold to go out, and I don’t want to stay inside. I think I will have a little cheese with my whine!


  2. Oh, that can be very frustrating. Isn’t it great to not have to depend on electricity for heating and cooking. I know that we like the heat of our wood stoves.

    I hope that you have a wonderful evening with your family.



  3. That saying made me laugh. I think I’m going to adopt it: compliments Donna. 🙂 The weather took a nose dive here too. I hope it warms up. Have a great week.



  4. Hope you didn’t get any busted pipe from that freezing! My, it sure was cold there! So glad you all were able to stay warm when the power went out! Hope you have a wonderful week .
    Cary Ann


  5. A little whine feels soooo good sometimes.. smile..
    Can you guys use heat tapes on your pipes?
    Don’t mind me .. I suppose if there is no hydro they would not work anyway.. I just know Terry puts them on some pipes up at our farm as we are not there very often…


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