Spirea Bush


I wanted to share with you all this picture of our spirea bush.  I think it is the fullest this year it has been in many years.  So bright and cheerful.  Not much happening around here.  We went with Hubby to work yesterday.  Today we went down to Jessica’s but we forgot to take the camera.  I want to remember it next time.  You all will not believe how much Katie is growing.  She just grins and grins.  I love it.

We have been getting rain almost every evening this week.  Just enough to keep us from working outside.  Oh well, I know rain is really needed.  Everything is really popping out green here, so the rain and the warm temperatures are doing their job.  Our pastor said his peach trees were in full bloom.  I certainly hope they are not too early. 

I guess that’s about all for today.  As I said, not much going on.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. Hey, it’s me! I miss you guys! Your spirea bush is so pretty. Our peach tree has also bloomed and they are already flying away. We got a plum tree at Slaughters today, and it already has fruit forming on it. I know, I had to copy you and get a plum tree. 🙂 I also got some spearmint. I think I got peppermint last year. I can’t wait for the wild mint to start growing. I check everyday because I am so impatient. Today I planted peas and some more potatoes. I hope it doesn’t turn off cold again. 🙂 We also already have strawberry blooms too. I always think about you when I am working outside spotting new things growing! I can’t wait to show you everything. 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness, Donna.. Our bush won’t be in bloom for ages, yet.. You are so far ahead of us.. We have been having beautiful warm weather this week.. I saw my first robin this week and the first wee dandelion..
    Thanks for signing up for the give away.. blessings..


  3. OH, How beautiful! Before the picture totally loaded it looked like you had a treat covered in snow flakes! 😉 We are glad for the rain too. It is keeping that pollen down some!


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