Daniel, Sam and Katie


We went down to Jessica’s today and I finally got a few pictures to show you all-thanks to Grace.


Sam was saying “cheese”.


Miss Katie. Hasn’t she grown? She had a well visit check up today and she weighed 15 lb.

We went to work with Hubby yesterday. I will try to get some pictures of his progress next time we go. Tomorrow after school, we will be going to get Grace’s new glasses. I am so glad. For those of you who do not know, Grace has worn glasses since before she was a year old. Last year, when she got a new prescription, I noticed she was wearing them down quite far on her nose. I questioned her and she said they hurt her eyes if she wore them up farther. I should have taken her back but to be honest I guess I thought she had just got in the habit of wearing them down on her nose. WRONG! They had put her bifocal up way too high in the glasses. So I know she will be so glad to get her new ones.

We had a tremendous amount of rain over the weekend. Lots of areas close by had large amounts of hail-3 to 6 in. I’m very thankful we didn’t have any. Temperatures dropped considerably after the hail. This morning it was 28 degrees with a heavy frost. I think I will have to build a fire this evening. It is fairly chilly inside the house.

I’m not sure if this worked or not. I was hoping to show you all a picture of the hail at the shooting range nearby. This is where Hubby and others from church go to shoot clays.


I hope you all have a great evening and God bless.

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4 thoughts on “Daniel, Sam and Katie

  1. What cute kids. Miss Katie sure has grown. I hope that Grace’s glasses work better. I know that I need to get in and get some bifocals.

    Have a wonderful day with your family and stay warm.


  2. Your Grandbabies are precious. Katie is really growing. I know Grace will be glad to get her new glasses. We are in the high 80’s this week. Have a great day.


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