I thought I would show you all how big these goslings are.  It always amazes me how fast they grow.  They are however ravenous eaters.  We also have ducklings (we think).  She hatched them off and took them up into the field.  We have not seen them since.  Mama  and Papa Duck are still around though so we are confident the ducklings are too.  Mama is just keeping them well hidden.


I forgot to mention in yesterdays post about the chick house, all the planks and the door are from the old farmhouse we are working on.  He said we could have all the old wood.  We have been thinking of ways to reuse it.  I think some of it will go to box in the remainder of our back porch.  Today is a nice day here in Floyd.  Temperature is 66 degrees.  We have had some sun but it is overcast now and I think rain is coming. 

Tonights menu at church is kraut and weiners, pinto beans, cornbread, cole slaw and strawberry rhubarb pie. (Thats just what I know about).  For a class of 10-12 people, we sure do eat good.   Time for me to start getting everything ready.  Enjoy your evening and God bless.

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  1. Your goslings are so, so cute! I hope you get a look at the ducklings soon. I think the wood planks are so pretty and will look great to box in your back porch. That meal does sound wonderful. We had pinto beans and kraut and wieners last week. Today I cooked a bag of pinto beans and we had bean burritos. Yummy 🙂 Did you make the strawberry rhubarb pie? I am beginning to think I will never grow my own rhubarb-I will keep trying.:) Quentin needs to get our auger from his grandpas. He always has tons of rhubarb. Maybe he can steal me some!

    Have a great week.



  2. What wonderful pictures. How fun to watch the grow.

    What a blessing to get all that wood and that you can reuse it.

    Have a wonderful evening.



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