Wednesday, we had a GREAT time!!  We went with the Horn’s to Dollywood.  They had bought season tickets and got free one day passes to take a friend.  We were their friends.  Thanks again, guys.  We left Floyd at 7:00 that morning and got back home around midnight.  It was a long day but filled with fun.  Everyone was tired but happy.  Please be in prayer for Vicki and Quentin.  Quentin’s grandfather passed away yesterday morning. 

Yesterday was a dry day here in Floyd so I jumped in and started working on the garden.  


I tillered both gardens and got them ready for planting.  It was a full day.  This morning I started getting the plants in the ground.  So far, I have planted the potatoes, corn, onions, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.  After lunch, beans and tomatoes.  The girls will be helping me with them.  They have been inside doing the housework this morning while I worked outside. 


These are the seeds the girls and I planted in the greenhouse.  They have done really well.  Maybe all we needed all along was a greenhouse.  They certainly look the best of any seeds we have started before.  Hopefully, they will do good when transferred into the garden.


The squash and cucumbers have really grown.  Speaking of growing, look how big the goslings are.


They were up in the field watching me while I worked.  Well, I think that’s about it.  I better get back into the garden.  Enjoy your day and God bless.






5 thoughts on “Dollywood

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  1. It was a fun day!

    You did a great job on the garden! Maybe I will have to try out the tiller next year. 🙂 The plants that you started look so healthy!

    The goslings are really getting big. You should see Puddles. He is quite the ugly duckling!


  2. You have indeed been busy! All of your seedlings look great. Mine didn’t do well. Thankfully there is a greenhouse not far from me. 🙂

    Such great friends to take you along to Dollywood!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Hi Donna.. I am catching up.. So sorry about that.. For some reason your blog does not come up in my blogroll and I started reading there as I have several new blogs I am following.. I like to check them out a bit before I put them on my blog list on my blog..
    I will make sure I get here, though…
    Your stuff looks great.. What a hard worker you are..
    God bless, sweet friend..


  4. Hi there
    Not a problem, to make brown sugar is very easy. You just take a big bowl dump in a bit(however much you want of white sugar) I usually do 4 cups at a time add in a couple tablespoons of molasses (again depending on how dark you want your brown sugar) I use a wooden spoon and just start moving and mixing it. I store mine in a tupperware container in the pantry.
    As for my vanilla I use a mason jar and put half a pint of vodka in to it and a vanilla bean or 2 and shake and sit it in the pantry or on my counter for a month giving it a shake every day. then I strain it with a coffee filter and put it into a mason jar and that’s it. Best vanilla ever.
    Hope this helps and thank you for your prayers for my Mom.


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